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G9/A in matte black

G9/A in a Yugo

G9/A in a Russian

G3/A prototype

G3/A installed

G5/A matte black





Last updated: February, 27, 2015



Welcome to our website! This site is always "under construction", you may see exciting news /

changes to this web site look & appearance when you return for your next visit.


Home of the "duck-bill-less", (DBL), SKS rifle magazine adapter systems. Do you want to convert

your SKS Military Surplus Rifle to use hi-capacity detachable magazines similar to the M14, M1A,

AR-15 or FAL? We have developed three systems outlined below to do just this.


WELCOME to our SKS Rifle Magazine Adapter Systems:

1. The G3/1 and G5/1, SKS, 7.62x39, Rifle Magazine Adapter Systems, use Tapco, 20 round modified magazines or ProMag, 30 round modified magazines only. See the middle 3 pics above (of the G/3 and G/5 Adapter Systems) and read more details on the products page about each application of the G3 & G5 Adapter Systems.


2. The G9/A Magazine Adapter System, our newest adapter, "SKS, 7.62x39, Rifle Magazine Adapter System", uses Ammo Storage Components, (ASC), AR-15 style modified 5, 10, 20 or 30 round, 7.62x39 magazines only. For our Canidian customers, the LAR pistol mag may be used to conform to your 10 round pistol law. See the top and bottom 3 pics above and read more details on the products page about this exciting G9/A Adapter System.


Are you tired of the "Duckbill" on your SKS magazine hanging up on everything it touches? Disappointed

that you can't store your SKS magazines in modern rifle packs, available to transport your magazines easily

to the shooting range, field or wherever you are going? Do you want your SKS magazines to fit  in your ALICE or M.O.L.L.E. packs similar to the M14, M1A, AR-15 and FAL style mags? Are you just tired of the "Duckbill" on your SKS Magazine? Or do you just want better functionality of your SKS rifle? 


With our "G" series adapters you can do all of the above and much more.

•   Store your SKS magazines for easy transport in the field.

•   Retrieve your SKS magazines from your pack with one hand while in the field.

•   Utilize the hi-capacity magazines for their reliability with the SKS rifle platform.

•   With the G9/A, SKS Rifle Magazine Adapter System, you’ll be using the same AR-15 Style Modified

Magazines in your SKS and your AR-15 chambered 7.62 X 39 rifles. Install a G9/A adapter in each of your

SKS Rifles and get a dozen magazines and you can have fun at the range, hunting or when/if the SHTF using the same magazines interchangeably between your AR platform and your SKS rifles.


Using standard hand tools you can transform your SKS rifle system from a well proven, vintage rifle system

into a 21st century military carbine without losing it's proven combat effectiveness. If you like the AR-15 Style Magazines, then our new G9/A, SKS Rifle Adapter System is for you.


Let's step inside the "Products Page" and look at what you can do with a $300.00 rifle by installing the G/3, G/5 or our flagship adapter, the G9/A SKS Rifle Magazine Adapter System on each of your SKS Rifles. You can order our products directly from the "Products Page".


Please note: We do NOT accept "PayPal" as a form of payment.


AK magazines will NOT work with any of our magazine adapter systems.

We receive many inquiries asking, "will your adapter work with 'AK' mags"? The simple answer is NO. The AK style mags are too wide at the top to seat properly in a non "M", "D" or "Sporter" SKS Rife receiver well, without serious machine work to your stock rifles mag well. We do not recommend doing this to your rifles. Once done, you can NOT return your rifles to their original configuration.


Thanks for visiting our site, let us know if you have any questions about our rifle adapter systems.


Marcus Taliaferro

TheSKSmagAdapter, LLC, Team



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US Patents Pending

Application Number 61/461,816 - G3/1

Application Number 61/630,104 - G5/1

Application Number 61/997,087 - G9/A

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