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The early development of the original G1 adapter. The second pic is the one I originally intended to use. But it only worked if you used a Tapco T6 stock.

Prototype of the initial G3 design in billet aircraft aluminum. I modified an original to accept the "Z" shaped locking tail piece to hold it in place on the rifle w/o the need to drill your stock and use the steel cross pin. The 4th pic shows the "alignment" pin.

The Tapco mag, before and after. The newer adapter design does not need the "recess" cut into the mag body. They are "flat cut" flush with the body and look much better.


The final design of the anodized G3/1. Better pix coming.

Dust cover scope mod. I removed the latch pin and tapped the hole for a 1/4-20x 1 3/4" heat treated button head bolt. Be sure you do this with the dust cover in place so the threads line up properly. You will need to cut off a small part of the bolt so it is flush. The dust cover does NOT move in any direction and retains ZERO.

Shernic Gun Works "BulPup" stock. Using the original G1 adapter requires a lot of hand grip mods. I'm working on the G5 to resolve this problem. It will have a release lever on it and will allow for straight in insertion and removal. It is being tested now.

Shernic Gun Works trigger linkage modification. This mod allows you to adjust the trigger pull w/o having to take the linkage apart every time. Rotate the "turn buckle" until it is like you want it, then secure it in place with the locking nut.

G9/A Adapter - This is the newest addition to our SKS Adapter line. See the products page, G9/A. This adapter uses ASC only, AR 15, 7.62x39, Modified 20 or 30 round magazines, modified to our specs. Added 23July2014

More pix to come...

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